Why learning languages via Skype is becoming more and more popular?

  • You can stay comfortable at home with a cup of tea or coffee on your cozy sofa
  • You can travel on holiday or business without interrupting your learning process
  • Online lessons save your time and money, you don’t need to travel to a language school
  • Your schedule becomes more flexible, you learn faster and you can choose the best time for you
  • You don’t need to buy and bring tons of books to your lessons, all materials, books, and podcasts are electronic so that you can use them on your computer or print for yourself.

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Привет! Bonjour! Hello!

My name is Natalie, and I am very proud of you, because I know you will definitely be able to speak French and you have already made the first step, so you havethe courage to do this. I am a French teacher, interpreter, translator, tourist guide and traveler.
I can help you if

  • you are fond of beautiful French songs,
  • like French cinema or mysterious French literature, and you want to understand it.
  • If you want to find a better job and to show your language skills,
  • you want to immigrate or to study in France or Canada,
  • maybe you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who speaks French, or you would like to have one,
  • oryou want to improve you language skills to impress your friends and pass DELF.DALF exam.
  • Then let’s study. We’ll learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, watch films about French culture,
  • read books and listen to interesting stories in French.

Some words about me:
I majored as linguist- interpreter in the sphere of international economics, and I regularly deal with French, English and Russian translations. I am also a certified guide interpreter. I passed my DALF C1 exam and came 3rd in the final of the council’s dictation in the French Consulate in Moscow. Then I studied in France at the University François-Rabelaisduring 2012-2013.
I am happy to share my experience with you during my lessons. I use my own techniques and the best teaching methods, video and audio to make your study more interesting, comfortable and efficient.

Our offers

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You can choose the following courses:

  • You want to get a certification — DELF and DALF preparation course
  • You need to go to France soon — travel French course
  • You need intensive speaking — practice for beginners, intermediate; advanced.
  • You want to succeed in your career and improve your language skills — business French course.
  • You want to understand songs, books, films in French — basic course.
  • Your are enchanted by this beautiful language — advanced French course with cultural references.

What does the lesson look like ?

Before the first lesson you’ll get all thenecessary files by e-mail or by Skype so that you can print themand check their compatibility with your devices.

After the first lesson we set a program of your course, you get your homework and we make an arrangement for further lessons.

During the lesson we talk in French, listen to some tracks, radio programs, do grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary activities, check your homework, watch videos, etc.

What do you need?

Install Skype, have Internet access, create a folder for French study materials, take a notebook and a pen, have an e-mail address to receive files for your lessons.

Any questions?

Call us!
Wish you inspiration in your language exploration!

Chernoborodova Natalia


Still hesitate? Take a free trial lesson!

A free trial lesson represents a one-on-one conversation with your teacher. During this time you will speak about you goals, identify your level and do an example activity by Skype. It takes about 20 minutes.